Professional Membership

Annual fee – $50

Contact Tracy at or call 508-656-0294 to join.

ISAM  Professional Membership Benefits

Inclusion on ISAM website-demonstrate your Irlen Syndrome Awareness by being listed on our website as being an Irlen Aware professional.

Certificate of membership-Display your certificate so people know you are an Irlen Aware professional.

Permission to use the ISAM logo and membership status on your website so everyone visiting your site knows you are Irlen Syndrome friendly.

10% off one Irlen Screening transferable to the person of choice (by participating Irlen Screeners)

Newsletter, bi-annually with up – to – date announcements of both public and private events across the state

Irlen Syndrome awareness wristband.

Discounts on future ISAM products ( T-shirts, hats, etc.)

Regular updates on political steps to being taken to bring Irlen to schools

Able to join closed Facebook group for anyone whose lives are touched by Irlen – advocacy, support, place to ask questions and find camaraderie and support.

Discounts to future Irlen educational events and conferences

Invitation/Inclusion to annual Irlen gathering!  An opportunity to get together with others who have been affected by, are in support of, want to raise awareness of Irlen Syndrome.  –Come have fun and meet others at a fun uplifting and playful event!

All dues go to maintain the association, the website, communications and to help subsidize events.